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Title:Dean of Student Affairs

Name:Ming-yi Huang


1.Responsible for managing student affairs.

2.Oversees and approves development plans related to student affairs and progression.

3.Conducts research and development related to student affairs.



Extension No.:12000


Title:Administrative Assistant

Name:Chun-Ju Liu


1.Organizes assessments of student affairs and provides related data.

2.Checks and revises the rules and methods related to student affairs.

3.Assists in the screening and hiring of teachers.

4.Assists in the screening and hiring of student affairs committee members and the setting and organization of meetings and related data.

5.Responsible for duties related to the screening and hiring of the graduation planning committee, and organizes meetings.

6.Performs duties related to selecting the “NPUE Light” award.

7.Assists in the screening and hiring of the school anniversary planning committee, and performs duties related to organizing meetings.

8.Receives and processes student appeals, and hosts student appeal meetings.

9.Organizes student affairs funds and provides reports and audits.

10.Responds to and manages student and parent opinions.

11.Manages other student affairs work that arises.



Extension No.:12001