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How do students complain about sexual events?

Student Affairs DivisionAccording to the school sexual abuse, sexual harassment or bullying prevention and control methods :


◎Complaints jurisdiction:

  Sexual assault, sexual harassment or sexual tyrants of the victims or their legal representatives (hereinafter referred to as the applicant) , The prosecutor, in writing to the perpetrator in the behavior of the school to apply for investigation or report. Except in the following cases──

1.The behavior of the school-related personnel, should apply to the school's competent authorities.
2.The perpetrator of the school, should apply to the school.


◎The way of complaint:

  Sexual assault, sexual harassment or sexual tyrant of the applicant or the prosecutor can apply for an investigation in writing; If the words are vowed, the school shall make a record for the Student Affairs Division (the receiving unit) and shall be signed or sealed by the applicant or the prosecutor after reading or making it clear and confirming its contents. A written or written record of the preceding paragraph shall contain the following──

1.The name of the applicant or the person named, the identity document, the unit and title of the service or school place, the residence, the contact telephone number and the date of application for investigation.
2.Applicant appoints agent to apply for investigation, should be attached to the letter, and specify its name, identity documents file name, residence, contact telephone.
3.The facts of the application for investigation and the relevant evidence.


The receiving unit:

Student Affairs Division


Phone:+886-8-7663800     Extension No.:12000、12001



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