How do students complain about the student's rights be injured?

According to the school students complaints approach:


◎Scope of complaint:
  The student, Student Association and other relevant student self-government organizations (hereinafter referred to as the complainant) shall, for the purposes of the punishment, the measures or resolutions of the school, the illegal or improper cause of damage to their rights or interests, and shall not be settled by normal administrative procedures. , Appealed to the Student Appeals Board.


◎Appeal period:
  If the student, Student Association or other relevant student self-government organization is not satisfied with the punishment, measures or resolutions of the school, it shall, within 30 days from the date of the announcement or receipt of the notice, submit it in writing to the evaluation committee, and the same case shall be limited to one time.


◎Acceptance unit:
  The complainant should submit a written complaint to the Office of the Student Association and the unnamed complainant will not be accepted.


◎Complaint requirements:
  Shall record the name of the complainant, the department, the grade, the particular facts and reasons for the complaint, the remedy that he wishes to receive, and the accompanying documents and evidence.


The receiving unit:

Student Affairs Division

Phone:+886-8-7663800     Extension No.:12001